L4 Spot Style

L4 Spot Style offers spot and flood beam angles thanks to dedicated optics for each LED source. It has a narrow and consistent light beams to cover wall washer applications and long distances. Its linear design and angle adjustment perfectly fits to any building, site illumination, warehouses with high ceilings.

• Extruded Aluminum and tempered glass housing
• Length: 380 mm and 720 mm
• Lumen output range from 2100 Lm to 5600 Lm
• High Power LED source
• Dedicated optics for each LED source
• Light Angle 10º, 45º, 60º
• High Efficiency Power supply
• Built-In Power supply
• IP rating – 67

Applications: General site illumination, Architectural lighting, Signage and retail spaces, Security camera companion, Warehouses