LED Power

LED Grow Lights

  • Led Grow Lights ... High efficient, a high quality... High efficient, a high quality, finely balanced, wide LED light spectrum.

High efficient and simple to use grow luminaires designed for small and medium size greenhouses. These powerful luminaires are equipped with an active cooling system that ensures their long lifespan.

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LED Street Lights, LED Shop Lights

  • Linear style LED Luminaires are specially designed for supermarkets and shops. highest efficiency and light quality

Solar LED Power Ltd. is manufacturing high efficient, high lumen output with more than 140Lm/W street and park luminaries. In various power and lumen output those luminaries are developed to cover all the requirements of road, street and park use lighting and offers a suitable LED solution.
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LED grow light

they offer many benefits

Advantages of choosing LED lights:

  • Efficiency
  • Lifespan
  • The spectrum of light they provide

Greater Efficiency

Longer Lifespan

The Full Spectrum